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Lessons in our online warehouse have been developed through MAGE-sponsored workshops and institutes. They are indexed according to the Minnesota Academic Standards in History and Social Studies benchmarks, keywords, and grade levels. Check out the Minnesota Academic Standards in History and Social Studies here.

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Lesson TitleKeyword(s)Author
Civil War In Sierra Leone: Child Soldiers and Blood DiamondsAfrica, conflict diamonds, civil war, child soldiers, Rights of the Child, literacyGrafstrom, S
Africa: The Numbers Don't LieAfrica, choropleth; correlations; generalizations; inferencesRipken, E
Investigation of Austin, MN - A Prediction for Austin, Minnesota and Its Futurefield study, local geography, urban development, predictions, population distribution, population patterns, local setting, inquiry, mapsSanders, L
Canada-U.S. Trade Connection: The Automobile IndustryCanada; trade; manufacturing; resources, comparative advantage, inquiryTrygestad
5.8, Connecting EconomiesCanada, Mexico, NAFTA; trade; costs and benefits; maquiladoraTrygestad's PopulationCanada, population distribution, population density, population growth, immigration, migration, culture mosaicTrygestad The People of AustraliaAustralia, population distribution, population density, culture, Aborigines, immigration, push-pull factorsTrygestad Land Down Under: The Effect of Environment on Settlement and Human ActivityAustralia, settlement, economic activities, adaptation, Aborigines, salinity, literacyTrygestad
Supply and Demand: The Future of World Oilsupply, demand, production, consumption, prediction, Middle East, inquiryFlohaug, K
Importing/Exporting Minnesotatrade, imports, exports, Minnesota, United States, mapsSmieja, D;;
Should Illegal Immigrants be allowed a Chance at the "American Dream"?illegal immigrants, Minnesota, United StatesMiller, T Growth and DensityWorld, United States, Minnesota, population growth, population distribution, population density (arithmetic & physiologic), mapsWicklund, S.
The Somali Migration Mapping LessonAfrica, Minnesota, Somali migration, map analysis, civil war, boundaries, Minnesota, oral interviews, Berlin Conference, maps, inquiryMayberry, K.
Globalization: Outsourcing to BangaloreIndia, globalization, outsourcing, call centersCallahan, P. Unauthorized Immigrant in MinnesotaUnited States, illegal immigrants, Minnesota, push and pull factors, authentic pedagogySchiebel, J.
Aid to African CountriesAfrica, foreign aid, Sudan, Darfur, inquiryZierden, B.! Slow down--some of you!World, population growth, crude birth and death rates, natural increase, fertility rateSwanson, K.; Use Over Timeland use models, topographic maps, aerial photos, 3D images, mapsSwanson, K.;;
Exposing Slum Reality Through GIS: Kibera SlumAfrica, slum, GIS, population pyramids, infrastructure, inquiry, mapsNelson, J.
20.8,; Activity MapGIS, Google mapsGunderson, E
World Religions Mapping ActivityGIS, Google maps, religious sitesBuckingham, A., Huss, M.; Google Maps to Apply Urban ModelsGIS, Google maps, urban modelsBenolkin, J.; Thinking: Exploring Google EarthWorld, Google mapsCwodzinski, P., DeHoff, A.;;
Who's Moving In and Out of our Area, and Where are They Going?United States, Minnesota, migration, county, Ravenstein's Laws of Migration, mapsOfstedal, P.
Ethnic Conflict in Africa: A Historical InvestigationAfrica, boundaries, ethnic conflicts, historical mapsBlack, E.;;; Paul Then and NowUnited States, ArcGIS, geospatial technology, site location, inquiry, historical mapsSchwarze, D. TODALSTODALS Cain, J., Johnson, C. Map TODALSTODALS, map elements, sketch mapCain, J., Johnson, C.
29.;; Nation vs. the United States: Land, Laws, and LossesBoundaries, sovereign nation, Cherokee, treaties, land cessions, U.S. historyKeenan's Features Impact Human ActivitiesHuman-environment interaction, regions, CanadaTrygestad;;; are People Located?location, cities, GIS, physical featuresBrodeur; New African Land Grabland grab, food sovereignty, neocolonialism, foreign investment, agricultural lands, AfricaMcMartin
33.8,, 8.4,3,14,3, Geography to Teach Mosque/Masjid Architecturelocation, physical characteristics, human-environment interaction, religionsHarris, W.
34.8,; Introduction to ArcGISgeospatial technology, ArcGISPekarek, K.
35.4,; the World Were a Village: Population Activity Ipopulation distribution, population densityLeba, M.
36. 4,; the World Were a Village: Population Activity IIpopulation distribution, population densityLeba, M. A Land of Regionsregions, Canada, physical characteristics, human characteristics, economic activitiesTrygestad, J.; Regionsregions, Canada, states, provinces, territoriesTrygestad, J. of WWIWWI, ArcGIS Mapmaker, battlesSykes, L.;;; Nation-Statesinquiry, success, prediction, RussiaKleinman, J.
41.8,;;;;;;'s Need for Damsinquiry, dams, water, Turkey, WeExplore, human-environment interactionNelson, J.
42.8,;;; of ArcGIS: Web Mapping Using USA Demographics for Schoolsgeospatial technology, ArcGIS, demographics, localPekarek, K.
43.1,;;;;; Geography of Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House Serieshuman and physical characteristics, human-environment interaction, location, literature, sketch mapKirkland, B.;;; Connections through Globalizationinquiry, globalizationMalone, C.;; Would You Place a City?inquiry, site location, megalopolisBiel, R.;;; and Contrasting the African Migration Experience in the United Statesmigration, United StatesDaubner, N.
47.;;;, Germs & Steel: Understanding the Demise of the Inca Empireguns, germs, steel, inca empireMoore;; Colorado River: The Overuse of the American Nilecolorado river, overuse, human environment interaction, resourcesBlack; of Wind Energy in Iowasite characteristics, wind, turbine, farm, energy, Iowa, expansion, resourcesHood
50.;; and Dakota LandsOjibwe, Dakota, Land, reservations, maps, landscapeEvans and Smith
51.4,;;;; Did All the Farmland Go?agriculture, land, urban development, loss, food supply, Minnesota, farmers, Olmsted countyBolin;; Would You Defend Fort Ticonderoga in 1777?topography, battle, advantages, defenses, TODALSS, history, site selection, Ruehle; City Planning Projectgeographic, skills, tools, application, waconia, city planning, project, location, restaurant, ArcGISLarsen
54.4-;;;;; Topographic Featureslandforms, water bodies, relief map, topography, features, define, identify, constructShelerud
55.; the Environmental Impact of the Highway 371 Bypass in Baxter, Minnesota through Geotechnologyeconomic impact, highway, geotechnology, community, landscapeRichter
56.4-;;;; Winnipeg Watershed Map Analysislake, winnipeg, analysis, watershed, observation, reflectionTrygestad
576,;;;; and Minnesotahistoric and contemporary immigration, push and pull factors, MinnesotaMyers
5888.;;; Immigration Through Artifacts and GIS Canada, immigration, Chinatown, head tax, immigrant stories, ArcGIS, WeExploreNelson
594, 6,;;;;;;; Metis: Transforming the Red River Valley and the Twin Cities Minnesota, Metis, Red River Valley, Red River Carts, settlements, fur trade, Lake Winnipeg Watershed MapTrygestad
6099.;; Agricultural Pollution in Lake Winnipeg: Problems and Potential? Minnesota, map analysis, inferences, Lake Winnipeg Watershed Map, agricultural pollutionSwanson, K.
614, 5, 6, 7, 8,;;;;; Top Ten - Bottom Ten: Mapping Data mapping, region, hypothesesCrampton, M.
624, 8,;; Mapping Data: Constructing a Choropleth Map mapping, choropleth map, thematic map, regionCrampton, M.
638,; Mapping Data: Choropleth Mapping Strategies map strategies, choropleth mapCrampton, M.
646,;;;;; The Crystal Sugar Cooperative: Changing Landscapes Along the Red River Valley Minnesota, Red River Valley, sugar beets, agricultural cooperative, changing landscapes, migrant labor, Lake Winnipeg Watershed MapTrygestad, J.
654, 6,;;;;;; Lake Winnipeg Watershed ArcGIS Story Map Lesson 1 Lake, Winnipeg, Watershed, ArcGIS, Story, MapWestgard
6688.; Using GPS & GISGPS, GIS, ArcGIS, geocacheLisson
675-;;;; Island: Mapping a Readingsketch map, physical characteristics, literacyTrepp
684-;;;;; of Two Places: Windows to Culture and Environmentphysical & human characteristics, culture, human-environment interactionTrepp
6944.;;; of the Worldforests, physical characteristics, human-environment interactionTrepp
702-;;;; Landform Termsvocabulary, physical features, mappingTrepp
711-;;;;;;;;;;; What You See! A Lesson Identifying Placecritical thinking, observations, inferences, physical & human characteristicsTrepp
72K-;;;;;; Mental Maps: Where Are We Going?mental maps; physical & human characteristics, literacyTrepp
732-;;;;;;;;;;;; at Communities: Comparing Urban and Rural Neighborhoodsurban and rural neighborhoods, small town, city, basic needs, human and physical characteristicsTrepp
744-;;;; Makes a Mapcartography, map making, observationCzech
7588.; Southwest Asia DemographicsSouthwest Asia, demographics, infographicColler
768-;;; What's in a Name: ToponymsMinnesota, toponyms, cultural diffusion, immigrationBenolkin
776,;;;;; Primary Sources: How Do I Read a Map?primary sources, map analysis, historic maps, History DayKloempken
788-;;;;;; An Examination of the Water Cycle and WatershedsELL students, water cycle, watersheds, human-environment interactionHotaling
7999.; Migration Customized Projectmigration, Google My Maps, distance decay and gravity modelsBousu
8099.;; the Story of a Populationpopulation pyramids, ArcGIS, Story MapsLarsen
8177.;;; Resources of the North and South during the Civil Warresources, region, Civil War, economies, inquiry, literacyPouliot
8222.; Can Read a Map!mapping, map elements, TODALS, location, literature, literacyFore
8366.;;;;; of 10,000 Choices: Pelts, Land, Lumber, and Minerals Galore!!Minnesota, physical features resources, locations, settlement, cities, lumber industry, mining industry, transportation systems, mappingEhlen
848,;;;;;;;; Use and Qualitywater, contaminants, inquiry, Minnesota, Google My Maps, human-environment interactionBrist
8588. Interaction: An Introductory Lessonhuman-environment interaction, regions, Lake Winnipeg Watershed, Red River, literacyNorth